WORLI FORT OF MUMBAI(Tuesday 30-6-2009)

A tour of Worli Fort situated in Worli Village in Mumbai.This Fort was built by the British in 1675 and was on the verge of collapse and total disintegration until a few years ago.Finally, citizen awareness of preserving Mumbai’s historical edifices and petitions in the media resulted in Mumbai’s politicians deciding to repair all old monuments and forts in the city.

Worli Fort has undergone a total face-lift but in the process its ancient looks have totally disappeared, resembling more of a “Disneyland artificial fort” rather than an edifice over 300 years old.

The “Bandra-Worli Sea Link” bridge named “Rajiv Gandhi Setu” was inaugurated by United Progressive Alliance Chairperson and Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday(30-6-2009) and can be viewed in its totality from the “Worli Fort”, a configuration of ancient and modern architectural marvels.Hope “Worli fort” gets some tourist attention after construction of the “Bandra-worli Sealink” as it provides a grand spectacle from its summit of the entire Mumbai bay .Strangely, this fort was totally neglected and crumbling, although situated in prime Mumbai with a fishing village that is unique to bustling populated Mumbai.

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